Alien Machine Glow

Uncover the aliens among us!
Evade their attacks.
Collect dog tags to gain special powers.
Call your pal Gummer to nuke bogies.
Visit your home to make more cuccumber juice.
Defeat the boss aliens of each area.
Gather crystals to defeat the final boss!

Aliens are among us and they want to take over the world.
Only Old Man Gill can save humanity from doom!

Yerstory Plutonium Powered



Who we are

Plutonium Powered is a small video game development company located in the heart of Canada. We think that video games should be engaging, authentic and soulful. we strive to create games that are driven by passion.

Boat Cop


Past Projects

We have made a lot of fun things in the past. Personal projects, experimenting with VR, online multiplayer games and much more.

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You can follow the development log of our latest projects.

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