Oculus of the Beholder

Oculus of the beholder Oculus of the beholder Screenshot

A Grimrock style demo using the Eye of the Beholder theme.
I made this demo to test a few Oculus Rift game mechanics:

To open your inventory, you look down at your backpack and it opens before your eyes.
Your items will slide out and you chose which one you want to use just by looking at it!

When you get to the ladder down at the end of the level, you just look down it to start travelling down to the next level.

I also made a level editor for the game that's built into the Unity editor. It makes for easy level generation

Transient Empire

Transient Empire Title

A 2D space trading game.

Trade commodities between planets, space stations and friendly ships as you travel through the galaxy.

Modules you can build and upgrade:

Transient Empire Screenshot Fuel Tank, Drill Controlroom, Ventilation, Teleporter, Storage.

Transient Empire Screenshot Shield Generator, Infermary, Gun Control Room, Engine, Elevator, Power Cell.
You can also mount various drills and weapons to the outside of your ship.

Link guns to Gun Controlrooms and drills to Drill Controlrooms. Manage your ship's power usage.

Can save and load games and the data is protected from tampering.

Oculus of the beholder Oculus of the beholder

Boat Cop (PegJam 2015)

Boat Cop Boat Cop
Car Fighter

Port of Miami 1984... The city police force is losing the fight against a growing international drug trade.
In a desperate bid to gain the upper hand, Officer Lavale is assigned a partner from the British Secret Intelligence Service.
The Falco twins have just made a huge score and are making their getaway through shark-infested waters. It's up to Lavale and her new partner to bring them down.
One player - Game pad or keyboard
DPad L/R - Move boat
Dpad D - Dive (Jump after a dive to get SuperJump)
A button/z key - Shoot
B button/x key - Jump

Programming - Chris Driscoll
Pixel Art - Chris Driscoll
Art - Stephen Hrushovetz
Writing - Chris Driscoll, Steve Hrushovetz, Mark McAvoy
Music - Chris Driscoll
Voice of Boat - Mark McAvoy
Voice of Falcao - Mark McAvoy
Voice of Jeanne - Sara Wilde

Car Fighter(Winnipeg Game Jam 2014)

Car Fighter Logo
Car Fighter

This is the result of a 3-day game jam. It's a finished playable game that is actually pretty fun. We didn't get to add everything on our feature list but we had a lot of fun making it.
Requires 4 game pads.
Right Paddle - Drift
A button - Shoot

My partner for this project was Matt Woelk.He provided the drifting calculations and most of the coding.

Car Fighter(Game Jam version)

Space Game prototype

Space Game

This is a prototype for a space game where you control a ship and the crew. You gather resources in order to add rooms. Not sure how combat is going to work yet
Left mouse - Drag select characters
Right mouse - Move selected to target room
Mouse wheel - zoom
Mousewheel button - pan

Web Version

Windows Build (latest)

Full Metal Planet 3D


This is an adaptation of the classic board game "Full Metal Planete".
Arrow Keys - Movement Space - Fire Cannon Left CTRL - Change Tide (Will be automatic and random in game)

Play the Full Metal Planet test


Escape You have just conquered the 100 floors of the most terrifying tower. Slaying hundreds of monsters on your way through, you have ultimately obtained the coveted amulet of greatness. As you lift the amulet from it's case, you hear a sound. A very bad sound. The treasure has triggered the self destruction of the castle. This is where the escape begins. You must make your way back down the 100 levels and make it to the exit before the walls of the tower collapse.

Escape     Escape   Escape Image 4
Download Escape.exe (34.1MB)

Gauntlet Game


This was a game inspired by the Gauntlet arcade game. It was a client-server based game with a persistant world.
The game featured 360 degree sprite rotation, main character with 2D skeletal based animation, customizable apearance, various weapons which used a rigging system, and a realtime lighting system that was written from scratch.

You can download the offline single-player test. (6MB) Requires Direct-X End User Runtime


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